It was exactly one year ago today that Tioga literally flew into our lives. It dumbfounds me that it’s been that long, but here we are. Love you baby girl, and happy fourth everyone!

Vegan Friendship/Dating Blog Is Up!



As a vegan, you PROBABLY KNOW how difficult it is to meet other vegans in person, or make vegan friends, or lord knows meet a vegan you get along well enough to date. WELL, this blog was created to help remedy this sorry ass problem! 

You can submit a profile to the blog and be featured, effectively advertising yourself as open to friendship or dating! :u)

If the blog gets popular and/or large enough, I’ll also be asking if anyone wants to be an admin!

Have a wonderful day, friends! :uD Keep up being hella awesome!!

What's your favorite memory?

ummmm i don’t really like favorite memories because i don’t see why we can’t love evry moment you know?  also i have a shit memory

What's your name

idk man this is kinda personal but my name is bella

haha thanks so much for your comment on my post about mikael 'u'! it was really sweet and i appreciate your hella comment -w-!!

oh yeah fosho! i’m just glad she’s going well

edit:  SHIT I POSTED AS PUBLIC. perclosive-hare


Girasoli by: Raffaele Della Santa

ANIMATION TEST. Six seconds of octopus (photoshop)


ANIMATION TEST. Six seconds of octopus (photoshop)


ive seen this image on my dash a lot and it looks like a bunch of goats taking a selfie together


Holiday Cocktail Dress Photoset #5- Ice Glacier Blue


photos like this make me want to go back through all the photos i’ve liked and unlike them and then just like this one.


19th & 20th century tiaras


Guyliner, in case the word eye is too feminine for you